If you or a loved one have gyrate atrophy, this site is for you. If you have just been diagnosed or have been managing the disease for a while; whether you are following the diet, not following the diet, or have no idea what the diet is, this site is for you.


We seek to create communities of those living with gyrate atrophy and those working to advance research for treatments and cures. Conquering Gyrate Atrophy provides funding to advance research and connect researchers. We strive to bring you the latest resources. 


When we are connected, inspired and informed, together we can help accelerate research.

Kids with Capes

We are very hopeful about finding a cure for gyrate atrophy for the following reasons:

  • The pace of medical research, especially for genetic diseases, is increasing exponentially.

  • There is now an FDA-approved gene therapy for another inherited retinal disease, RPE65-associated retinal dystrophy.

  • Much of the basic research on gyrate atrophy is done. We know the gene, natural history, role of diet, etc.

  • There is a diet that can slow the progression of the disease, giving us the gift of time.

  • Most importantly - there are families and researchers who are committed to finding a cure.


On this page in our frequently asked questions section, you will find answers to some of the most common questions as well as information about how to influence and advance research and connect with others living with gryate atrophy. We need your help to keep this data up to date! If you want to add or edit anything below, please contact us at info@GyrateAtrophy.org.


Important Note: We are NOT medical professionals and strongly advise you consult with a retinal disease specialist and other medical professionals to understand your specific situation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gyrate Atrophy