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We catalyze research for treatments and a cure of the progressive retinal disease, gyrate atrophy. Gyrate atrophy is an inherited disease caused by a mutation of the OAT gene. People with gyrate atrophy typically have very poor night vision and lesions on their retinas. These lesions progress over time leading to tunnel vision and can eventually cause blindness. There is currently no cure for gyrate atrophy.


Learn about research to date, and connect to other researchers and apply for funding.

Patients & Families

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We are a parent-led all-volunteer effort. Every contribution matters.

About Us

Our daughter has gyrate atrophy. We are encouraged by the rapid pace of research in gene therapy and stem cell replacement. We started Conquering Gyrate Atrophy to weave together a community focused on finding a cure. This community includes patients, families and loved ones affected by the disease. This community also includes researchers working on a wide range of topics relevant to gyrate atrophy. We fund research, support collaboration, and share learning to accelerate research and treatment for gyrate atrophy.